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Privacy Policy by Resily Inc.

Resily Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”) recognizes the importance of personal information and believes that it is our social responsibility to protect it. Our Company therefore comply with laws and internal regulations concerning personal information and properly handle personal information when acquiring, using, and managing personal information.

Name or title of the business
Resily Inc.
<Chief Administrator of Personal Information>
CEO and Representative Director
(Please contact us at “Personal Information Complaint Hotline” as shown below)
<Purpose of using personal information>
The purposes are to deal with inquiries, to inform services and seminars, to perform statistical data marketing activities that are not personally identifiable, and to provide various information.
<Offer of personal information to third parties>
We will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the person and except when required by law.
※Applicants for seminars and events sponsored by Our Company.

(1) “Our company” may provide your personal information to exhibitors and sponsoring companies (hereinafter referred to as “Sponsors”). This can also be applied to the case in which Sponsors directly acquire personal information.
(2) For the purpose of supporting various news organizations and media requesting news records, interviews, publications, etc., Our Company may provide event records to them. This includes cases when various news organizations and media themselves directly create event records.
(3) For the purpose of such activities as public relations, advertising, sales, etc., organizers may publish event records in printed materials and to websites.
(4) For the purpose of payment to our services, Our Company may provide personal information to payment agencies.

① Recipients of personal information
Sponsors supporting various seminars and events hosted by Our Company. (Please refer to the guidance)
② Items of personal information
company / department / title / address / name / contact information / event records of the company
③ Purpose of offering personal information to Sponsors.
・ In order for Sponsors to handle inquiries.
・ In order for Sponsors to provide information on services, seminars, and events, etc.
・In order for Sponsors to distribute e-mail magazines, etc.
・In order for Sponsors to post and publish event records in printed materials, websites, etc., for the purpose of performing public relations, advertising, sales activities, etc.
・For providing other information and communications.
④ How to provide information.
Via telephone, fax, e-mail, postal mail, and others.
We may outsource the handling of personal information within the scope of the above purpose of use.
When deciding a subcontractor, we select a company that appropriately manages personal information based on our company standards. And at the same time we will supervise the subcontractor and conclude a non-disclosure agreement with the subcontractor to ensure the security of personal information.
<Personal information obtained from third-party services>
In case customers give permission to integrate a third-party service to Our Company’s, we use and manage data from a third-party service based on that permission.

(1)Data obtained from third-party services
Upon User’s permission, we will process certain personal information such as user ID provided in third-party service, name, company name, email address, address, phone number, and billing / credit card information

(2)Purpose of using third-party data
Provide customers with Our Company’s service.

(3)Retention period of third-party data
Third-party data is to be retained as long as customers using Our Company’s service, i.e. data will be deleted as soon as the customers expire our services.

(4)How to contact us
If you want to delete or ask questions about third-party data, please contact below:
Tel: +81-3-6822-0252
<Consultation counter in case of requesting disclosure of personal information and inquiry>
Personal Information Complaint Hotline is working for following tasks at the request of the person.
1. Notifying the purpose of using personal data.
2. Disclosure of personal data.
3. Correction/additon of the contents.
4. Deletion of personal data and suspension of using personal data.
5. Putting an end to provide personal data to third parties.
Please contact Personal Information Complaint Hotline as described below.
<Notes when entering personal information>
Providing personal information is optional except for required items.
If you fail to provide required information, we may not be appropriately respond to your inquiries.
<Acquisition of personal information by using the way that others cannot easily identify who the individual is>
(1) Our Company may get access situation as well as attribute information of using Cookie, web beacon, and other similar technologies (herein after referred to as “Cookie, etc.”) for the purpose of protecting clients` privacy, enhancing convenience, delivering ads, and obtaining statistical data. However personal information is not included in Cookie, etc. and therefore customers will not be identified. If you do not like to use Cookie, you can refuse to use it by changing browser settings. In that case, some or all services may become unavailable.
(2) Our Company may automatically generate and save such information as IP address, browser type, and browser language of our customers who are using our homepage. This information is used to analyze the user environment in order to provide better services, and to prevent wrong actions that interfere normal services.
<Personal Information Protection Policy>
Please refer to the Personal Information Protection Policy on this homepage.
<Revision of Personal Information Handling Policy>
Content of the privacy policy shall be modified without notice to the customer. Unless otherwise specified by Our Company, the modified privacy policy shall take effect upon being posted on this website.
<Personal Information Complaint Hotline>
Resily Ltd.
〒108−6022 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Shinagawa Intercity Building A 22F
(Reception time) From 10:00 to 16:00, Monday to Friday except for public holidays. 





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